Expotel Hospitality Proudly Serves Habitat For Humanity

New Orleans, LA (May, 2008) – Executives from Expotel Hospitality Services and the Corporate staff participated in Habitat for Humanity in order to lend their support as well as their ‘hammers’ to help re-build housing in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. The area was hardest hit from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina back in September of 2005.

Led by Vice Presidents of Expotel Hospitality, Mark Kucera and Jeff Iavarone, all members of the Expotel corporate team volunteered helping build new housing for displaced residents of the Lower 9th Ward. Families who lost their homes after the storm are now reclaiming their lives with the ongoing efforts of Habitat for Humanity by building new housing for these victims of the storm.

“We pledged to help rebuild New Orleans and have been committed since post Katrina. Our local hotels were up and running very quickly after the storm so we were lucky. Though all of us have been doing some individual work to help New Orleans, this was an opportune time for us as company to work together - in the area that needed it the most. Everyone worked hard yet it was the most fulfilling and rewarding hard work we enjoyed together,” Jeff Iavarone, said in a statement. “Our work will continue for the betterment of New Orleans.”

New Orleans as a destination city is back. The city is experiencing a vibrant and healthy business climate and enjoying a banner convention year thus far in 2008.

“Yes, the tourist and convention areas are intact and benefiting from a great year – and it is going to get better. The city is much improved and everyone expects the best years to come are right down the road. At the same time – there are still some areas outside of the New Orleans tourist and conventioneer routes that remain in need. We will continue to help in all ways possible,” Mark Kucera stated describing the state of present day New Orleans.

Iavarone added, “We are a global company, but our offices are here in New Orleans. We have hotels across the country, but our homes are here in New Orleans. The best is yet to come – and we want to help make that happen and Habitat for Humanity is just one of the ways for our company to lend our time.”

Expotel Hospitality Services is headquartered in New Orleans, LA operating hotels across the country. Expotel is an owner operator and hotel Management Company for Hilton, Doubletree, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Hampton, Embassy Suites, Best Western, independent boutiques, and a Preferred Management company for Starwood Hotels.

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